“Oh who can ever be tired of Bath” Catherine Morland, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Bath, a beautiful city in Somerset, England. Probably my favorite place in England and further. Why you might ask. There are several reasons.

First of all it’s a beautiful Georgian city and World Heritage Sight. It’s about an hour from Bristol and let me tell you once you’ve entered it’s boundaries you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The city center still looks like it did over 200 years ago. There are many sights worth seeing.

The Bath Abbey is surrounded by many sight. Right next to it are the Roman Baths and Pump Rooms. On the yard in front if the Abbey and the Abbey Church Yard to it’s other side are musicians playing from morning until evening. No specific genre but just what you – or at least I needed – after long days of exploring the city. I can only recommend it if the weather holds.

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Not far from the Abbey Church Yard is the River Avon. Avon is Latin for River and there are at least seven in the UK and five more in Scotland so it’S called Bristol Avon and there you find the Pleasure Gardens and one of my favorites Pulteney Bridge. It’s a walk on bridge and the really nice to look at day and night. My accomodation was past Pulteney Bridge twice so I walked there every day.

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There are many more sights to be mentioned but don’t worry. I’ve been to Bath twice now and this only the first entry about it. I have so many stories to tell, but I don’t want to spoil it for you right away.

Here is a picture of the Royal Crescent. It’s one of three crescents but probably the most famous. Crescents are terrased buildungs that look the same on the front. It was designed by John Wood the Younger who is reponsible for the construction of many sight in Bath slong with his father John Wood the Elder i.e. the Circus.

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My next trip is already arranged. I am drawn by books to travel as I mentioned in my Introduction. This is the case with Bath, too. My favorite Author Jane Austen lived here from 1801 until 1806 and there is an annual festival held there. 10 days full of Jane Austen events like a promenade, walks, talks, and Regency Balls. People come from all over the World for it. All reunited by their passion for Jane Austen. Many participants dress up in Regency clothes and they fit into the Georgian city of Bath better than their regular inhabitants.

Here are pictures of the participants gathering before the Pump Room. See what I mean?

Also two of Jane Austens novels are partly set in Bath, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. So you see there are many places I needed to visit Jane Austen-related or simply because you have to while you’re there.

Of course I had to go to the Jane Austen Center in Gay Street. You can find many Regency items, books, dvds, and more. Also there is the Jane Austen museum and Tea Room.


Funnily enough this is one of the few houses Jane Austen hasn’t lived in. Only one (Sydney Place Number 4) is marked though. The others are pointed out to you.


Here is Queen Square number 13 and Jane Austen’s window according to one of her letters:


This is Paragon Number 1 where she lived as well:


It’s also a good example of a typical Georgian House in Bath. You enter on the 1st floor and the ground floor you reach over a staircase next to the entrance. You see the fine georgian inhabitants didn’t want their visitors to enter the ground floor because there is the kitchen and servants quarters where as the (with-)drawing room and famiy quarters were on the upper floors. If you walk through Bath you’ll see many streets like this. The pavement is set up higher to make it work.


I’ve only just brushed the surface because the Jane Austen festival is worth an entry on it’s own.

So this is my first real blog entry. What do you think? I fell in love with Bath as you can see and I do hope I’ve made you curious. Beautiful historic city connected to one of my favorite authors. Catherine Morland I can only agree with you here.


2 thoughts on “Bath

  1. Amazing first entry Christin! Just made me fall even deeper in love with the city we both adore! Can’t wait for us to explore together this coming Autumn 👏🏻🍾🎉


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