Lucinda Riley “Seven Sisters-series”

Let me recommend to you one of my favorite authors, Lucinda Riley.


I’ve read many of her novels and I’m itching to get my hands on the next one.

Lucinda Riley writes beautiful stories, love stories that involve flashbacks usually about a century back. Those stories are connected and each story is beautiful in itself.

Like the series I read recently, or rather the first two books.

This series is about six sister named after the star constellation that were adopted from Pa Salt. Each sister has her own story and after gathering for their fathers death they each get clues to their history and how he found them.

Maia D’Apliese is the oldest and her clues take her to Rio de Janeiro. The flashbacks tell the story of Izabella Bonifacio starting in the 1920s and takes us from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. In discovering her history she not only solves her past but finds her future, too.

In the 2nd book called “Storm Sister” Ally takes oa a journey to Norway. She is musician but was a professional sailor until tragedy lead her to find out about her past. The flashbacks start 1867 in Christinia, now Oslo, and are leading back to the premier of the play Peer Gynt

I don’t want to spoil the story for you so I’ll leave it at this short summary. Let’s just say both sisters are very different but I loved both stories.

You cannot help but grow to care for the characters, present and past. Lucinda Riley is great at writing epic love stories. Very good but sometimes her twists and turns make me want to kill her and kiss her, in short frequences.You know where the flashback story in heading but how is tearing at your heart-strings. Yes indeed she has that effect. Whenever I discuss her with a friend the exclamations are like this: “Please whhatt? No, no, no!!! How can she do that?” and other times she gives little hints to the happy end your longing for but slightly hidden and you are left in awe.

That many of her stories partly take place in England doesn’t lesson her appeal. To the contrary. But thanks to Miss Riley my travel-list is growing steadily. For example I never thought I would get curious about Norway but thanks to “Storm Sister” I am. Brasil, too. India and Ireland are other places where her novels are set but they were already on my list.

But it’s not just travel goals. I usually hear more modern music but I was stunned when I recognized “Morning Mood” from Peer Gynt at once. I am seriously considering getting it and the script to the play, too. Listen in on it and maybe you know it, too.

If I’ve made you curious check out Lucinda Riley here:

They are available as hard copy and ebook and audio book on amazon.




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