Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

zombiesset3In my previous entry I’ve mentioned that Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. Among her novels Pride and Prejudice is my favorite, no doubt about it.

Like many of my fellow Janeites I’ve reread it countless times, not to mention all the Jane Austen fanfiction I’ve read due to the fact that she only wrote 6 books ( referred to as her main work) and several novellas. But I never tire of it and enjoy discovering new aspects I didn’t realise before. For example I learn more about Jane Austen and her times and then connect certain facts or parts of the story.

And of course Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are a love story I never tire of reading, skipping to my favorite scenes and get lost in the story all over again. So I was skeptical as to how this variation turned out and whether I liked it. Action I like, Pride and Prejudice I love, but zombies are not my favorites to be honest. I prefer vampires, witches, angels, werewolves etc.

So when my friend Sophie Andrews aka Laughing with Lizzie was buzzing with how much she loved it and had watched it in the movies four times already I thought I would give it a chance. And I found I liked it. And when she approched me whether I wanted to contribute a review for her blogpost about the movie I agreed.

Here is what I wrote as a contribution for her entry (sorry if it’s a little repetetive):

A suprisingly good adaption of the novel.

As a Janeite I was rather curious how mixing my favorite Jane Austen book and zombies might work. I’ve read Pride and Prejudice countless times but I couldn’t see how this combination might work. You see I haven’t read the book yet.

Many of my fellow Janeites from the UK liked it and recommended it to me. Since I live in Germany unfortunately it’s not in the movies yet. And I’m not at all against action movies. I don’t consider myself a Jane Auten purist either since I pick up many Jane Austen fanfictions such as variations, what-ifs etc. and quite like them.

So I watched it with an open mind and I was positively suprised and found I enjoyed it. Very much indeed. The original story included the zombie aspect rather good. I found myself laughing more than once at the witty dialogue and quibs.
The humor was great and warrior Bennet sister and every character skilled in fighting.
The cast I found fitting, too. Expecially Lizzy, Darcy and Lady Catherine, portrayed by Lena Headey who I know as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Lizzy and Darcy had chemistry and I don’t think I’ll give any spoilers when I say the fight scenes were good (since they were in the promo trailers). But they didn’t dominate the story in my opnion. Like I said above they fitted into the story.

I can recommend it honestly. A good movie worth watching.

Also I in case anyone is interested you can find my blog under:

Christin, 25, Germany

So that’s what you’ll find when you go to Sophie’s blog.

Here is the link to her blog. She collected 10 opinions about the movie in it

Addiontionally I should mention that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies partly takes place at Basildon Park, knows as Netherfield Park from Pride and Prejudice 2005 and to some from Downtown Abbey as well. Needless to say I want to visit it. I haven’t been there yet but I’ll in the summer. So there is a double motivation there now.

I just found out that Lilly Collins also starred as Cinderella in the newest addition.What a contrast! And I’m not just talking about blond and brown hair. Sweet, friendly Cinderella and independent, fierce Lizzy.

Some of my fellow reviewers pointed out differences to the original like the fighting Bennet sisters as a sign of feminism. Quiet right they are. Jane is not as sweet and shy as in the original and the first proposal in Kent showed the tension and passion in Darcy and Lizzy. Lizzy has always been witty but with her excelent fighting skills she is a good match for zombie killer Colonel Darcy. Their relationship remains close to the book but a little more liberal. No woman in Pride and Prejudice would wear trousers!

All in all a good variation and well worth watching. Don’t let the first impression stop you. And it seems we’ve made a circle. After all ‘First Impressions’ was the working title Jane Austen used for Pride and Prejudice.




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